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The 12 Weeks to Transformation was formerly an online, group coaching experience lead by Transformation Expert, Elizabeth Benton. Now, for the first time ever, you can go through the program whenever you'd like as a Self-Study Course! Whether you want to improve your health, lose weight, pay off debt, improve your relationships, or start a business-this new, convenient, and affordable format will help you get unstuck, be consistent, and finally create the results you've been dreaming of.

Are you ready to have help with this struggle? To end this cycle of shame, failure, and frustration for good?

Your Struggle

Creating change that lasts in our lives can be incredibly challenging-but it doesn't have to be! The 12 Weeks to Transformation was designed to help you finally overcome the excuses, barriers, and challenges that have held you back! 

Do any of these sound familiar?

"I have a goal. I know WHAT to do to get there. I just can't seem to actually DO IT consistently enough to make progress."
"I've tried so many programs, gimmicks, and fad diets over the years. I always start out strong, but then lose motivation, and give up. Nothing seems to stick or work. Sometimes I'll make progress, but my results don't seem to last."
"I can't seem to find the time. I really want to change and take better care of myself, but I'm overwhelmed, busy, and stressed out."
"I can tell there's something bigger going on. I know I need more than another program and want some help with my emotional (eating, spending, etc.), but I'm not sure where to start."
"I want more for myself. This can't be all there is, but I'm starting to question whether change is actually possible for me."

GOOD NEWS: If any of these sounds familiar-you're in the right place, at the right time!

The Solution You've Been Waiting For!

Do you know why all of those programs haven't worked? Why you're stuck in a cycle of shame and failure? Why change feels hard?

It's because you haven't addressed the root cause.

To create change, you have to transform your mindset.

The 12 Weeks to Transformation is your solution.

It will provide you with the tools you need to transform your mindset so that you can finally create results that last in every area of you life.

Let's make change easier for you!

Powerful results that last are possible for you.

Let's break the cycle of shame, failure, and frustration-for good!


It's time for you to end the struggle and invest in a solution that will give you the results you want!

Is this for me?

The 12 Weeks to Transformation is for you, if:

You're longing to create lasting change in one or more areas of your life

You want to bridge the gap between what you KNOW and what you consistently DO

You've tried other programs or methods before, but can't seem to stick with your progress

You need help keeping the promises you make to yourself

You want to leave your past patterns behind and tap into your highest potential

These are the results you've been waiting for! Imagine how you'd feel in just 12 short weeks if you finally achieved the results you've been dreaming of! Are you ready?

How will it help me?

Our online, Self-Study experience helps real people (just like you!), get real results. Common results that our clients experience in just 12 weeks include:

Mindset transformation that increases confidence, peace, and joy!
Stronger financial security! Our clients tend to spend less, save more, and pay off TONS of debt!
Finally starting a business and achieving career advancement!
Improved happiness in their most important relationships!
Finally having consistency in self-care practices!
Healing from years of toxic diet culture and shame!
Weight loss & improved health markers!

How does it work?

During the 12 Weeks to Transformation, you'll experience:


Weekly Challenges

You will be guided through a powerful weekly challenge so that you can learn new tools, have a single focus, make fast progress, and reach your goals!


Daily Coaching Messages

Within our course platform, you can listen to a short, highly motivating coaching audio message from Elizabeth each day that will help you stay engaged and focused.


Library of Previous Q&A Calls

Before the 12 Weeks was available as a Self-Study, Elizabeth would hold weekly Q&A sessions during the live experience. You'll get access to watch recordings of these sessions and learn so much from hearing Elizabeth coach others.


Identity Journal

Receive a FREE digital copy of Elizabeth's Identity Journal and use it daily so that you can develop better mindset practices and consistent habits that will create the results you want! US customers can order a physical copy for only $18 plus shipping.


Flexible Self-Study Format

Our new, Self-Study format of the 12 Weeks will allow you to go through the program whenever it's convenient for you. You'll have a whole year to complete the 12 Week Course, so if you need to take a week off or start in a month, you can!


Supportive Customer Service

Need help, have questions, feel stuck? No problem! Our small but mighty team of Transformation Experts is available to help. You can text or email us anytime and expect to receive a quality, supportive response within 1 business day or less.

What's the Cost?

Library of Coaching Calls ($3,000 value)
Daily Coaching Audios ($2,000 value)
Weekly Challenges ($1,000 value)
Total Program Value:


Want Access to $500
of Bonuses for Free?

Join today and receive these powerful tools to help
you achieve results.


Access to Solution Central
($300 value!)

Created after years of coaching more than 3,000 clients, Solution Central is a powerful knowledge base where you can instantly find answers to your questions.


Access to Nutrition Fundamentals
($200 value!)

Register now and we'll give you FREE access to one of Elizabeth's best-selling online courses to help you rise above the noise of diet culture and get clarity on what your body really needs.

Hi, I'm Elizabeth.

I used to be obese, deeply in debt, and depressed. Even though I had a degree in nutrition and could talk to you for hours about how to improve your health, I was over 300lbs and couldn't seem to make lasting change happen for myself. I tried so many fad diets, so many programs, and just couldn't breakthrough. I felt stuck.

But, that was then and this is now! Fast forward to today…I'm free!

I've lost over 150lbs, paid off $130,000 in debt, and I've started my own business. I'm the CEO of Primal Potential, author of the best-selling book, Chasing Cupcakes, and host of the Primal Potential podcast which has over 10 million downloads. I now spend my days helping people just like you achieve the same kind of freedom I have.

In fact, I've spent over 10,000 hours coaching 3,000 clients into these kinds of results and now, I'd love to work with you!


Now That We've Met, Let's Talk About You

I want you to stop right now and IMAGINE what life could look like in just 12 Weeks if you finally achieved the results you've been dreaming of.

What if you finally lost the weight in a way that was sustainable?

What if you finally were free of your debt?

What if you had a stronger, refreshed mindset that helped you finally overcome the excuses and limiting beliefs that have held you back for years?

This Self-Study course can help you get there. You'll leave the 12 Weeks to Transformation saying, "that was when everything changed." 

Enroll today and let me help you achieve what you want most. It's time for you to create transformation that lasts!

Your Guarantee-Our Promise to You!

Success is 100% guaranteed for those who engage, trust the process, and are willing to do the work.
If you do your part to fully complete the course, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your results.

What Others Are Saying

A lot can happen in 12 weeks! Here's what our clients are saying:

The Program is Amazing!

I joined my second session of the 12 Weeks to Transformation because the program is amazing! The information and tools offered are exactly what I need to transform my dull, depressing, and lonely life. I want to create a life I am proud of. I want to be someone who focuses on the positive and acts on the solutions. I'm tired of being obese, sick, tired, lonely, sad and depressed! I want to create joy in my life and wake up with joy, purpose and excitement.

Game changer

This isn't a weight loss program or how to budget your money outline, this is the real deal to get every area of your LIFE in order. You get out what you put in. TRUST the process, it DOES work!!

I joined EB's 12 Weeks to Transformation for the mindset shift and internal self growth. Now, when I get stuck in my feelings, I change my perspective and it's a game changer.

Within the first few weeks of the program nearly every facet of my life was improving

I felt like a better wife, mother and colleague. But, I wasn't making progress on weight loss. What I found was that while I thought I had made some positive shifts in mindset just by listening to the podcast, I didn't realize how much more work I needed to do to move from thinking I can be consistent to actually being consistent. It was finally through the magic of journaling and Elizabeth's encouragement to journal that lead me to finally move the needle on weight loss. She helped me break a HUGE barrier! Journaling is everything. It's accountability. It records patterns and trends, that honestly when seeing them in writing was a massive wake up call. Journaling is motivating, and has made all the difference in my journey.

I am so grateful to Elizabeth, to Primal Potential and 12WT for helping me and my family. I am so excited to build on this momentum!

12 weeks to transformation has been life changing.

I continue to make choices on a daily basis sometimes minute to minute or hour to hour that make a big difference. When I first started it was like a light switch went off in my brain and I was able to look at my attitude and previous choices in a different light. I am on track to pay off 23,000 dollars in debt in 10 months.  I am finding passion in my job as a nurse practitioner again and have been able to choose to get my paperwork done. I am more peaceful and happy. My husband has noticed the change and is so supportive. Best of all I lost 19 pounds and feel amazing.

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